Outdoor Soccer Rules & Regulations
SUASL RULES (Last updated September 2010) REGISTRATION: SUASL is sanctioned by and affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. All players must be registered, listed on the team roster and carry a player pass issued by SUASL in order to participate in league play. All player passes must be returned to the league upon expiration. Passes are valid from August 1 through July 31s of the following year. A team will forfeit their game if found guilty of player pass fraud, or playing with ineligible or non-registered players. The team manager or the entire team may be suspended indefinitely if found guilty of player pass fraud.SUASL’s minimum player requirement for a team is eleven (11) players and each team may carry up to twenty-five (25) players. A player must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. No age limit applies to the Premiere Division. Teams in the over 40 division may have up to three (3) 38 years old players.  A 37 year old turning 38 during the upcoming soccer season qualifies to register under this rule exception. Teams in the over 50s divisions may carry (3) three 48 year old players. A 47 year old player turning 48 during the current season qualifies to register under this rule exception.Play-offs: All rosters must be frozen two weeks before the playoffs. Only one player may be added to the team providing it does not exceed the maximum of twenty-five (25) players. (This does not affect 40, 48 and 55 divisions.)Mandatory Team Manager’s Meeting: All teams must be represented at each season’s mandatory meeting by a team manager/representative. Failure to do so will disqualify registration entry unless approved by the league commissioner and a disclaimer is signed by manager/representative. Mandatory meetings provide information on due process, registrations, red cards, appeals, new procedures, issues discussed and voted upon, etc. and are the team representative’s responsibility to inform each player on their team. Failure to adequately inform the team will result in the replacement of the team manager and possible team disqualification.  Free Agents: Free agents are players that do not have a team and enroll for free in the free agent list. Registered team managers can request players to complete their rosters. A maximum of 10 player names will be given to a requesting team, unless a new team will be formed with new players. Please notify office when player has been selected for your team so that player may be removed from the list.DUAL ROSTERING: A player cannot be registered in 2 teams in the same division. A player may be dual rostered when playing in any division with a dual roster to a division above or below the division where the player is registered.  A player may dual roster from any division to the over 40 and or over 50 divisions. Team\Player\Eligibility: Historical record with SUASL or other USSF affiliated and non-affiliated leagues will be reviewed by D&R Committee to assess registration eligibility. The league reserves the right to deny registration due to discipline problems, dangerous, and violent conduct of a player or a team that does not meet the disciplinary standards of behavior set by SUASL, including conduct on and off the field, in affiliated and non-affiliated leagues.NSF CHECKS: Players with NSF checks will be taken off the team roster and a $30.00 bad check fee will be assessed to the team. The player pass must be returned to the office immediately with payment by: a cashier’s check, money order or cash. As always, no fees are to be given to field officials.RULE OF PLAY: All games will be governed by the FIFA laws of soccer, with the following exception: There will be an unlimited number of substitutions allowed during a game, but no more than 3 players may enter the field all at once. Substitutions will only be allowed by permission from the referee during game stoppages including but not limited to:Either team may substitute, on a goal kick or a kick off. Only the team with possession of the ball at any given throw in; however, if a substitution is initiated by the team in possession, the other team may be granted a substitution with permission of the referee. Games will start on time when at least seven (7) players are on the field. When a team is short on players, there will be a fifteen- minute grace period for the start of games. A game will be forfeited if a manager cannot field at least seven (7) players after the grace period has expired. It is the team manager’s responsibility to keep track of player passes. (Except dual rostered players.) A team that has misplaced its player passes may check in with the SUASL issued roster with proper player photo identification, (such as a driver’s license.).Points are Calculated as follows: Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points, Forfeits = 3 points and 3-0 against the forfeiting team.

Tie Breakers will be decided with the following:

1-Points, 2-Goal differential, 3-Goals for, 4-Head to head competition
UNIFORMS: At the beginning of the season there will be a two (2) week grace period for all players to be in same color shorts, socks, and jerseys with numbers on them. It will be the responsibility of the home team to change jerseys if a conflict in color exists. FLIGHT DIVISION ALLOCATION AND REQUESTS: Division request are on a first come first serve basis. Champions for each division during season games and play-offs must automatically advance to the next upper division. The bottom teams in each division must be dropped to the lower division, creating room for advancing teams. SUASL uses additional criteria based on first come first serve basis, division size, field availability and any other logistic matters in deciding team division allocation. Teams wanting to enter the Premier division must try out to qualify for Premiere division.Division requests will be assessed based on competitive record, priority request given to existing league teams. New teams must start at the lower brackets if a spot is not available in the requested division. SUASL schedules and division allocations are final and cannot be changed. SCHEDULE REQUESTS: Games are usually played on Sundays from 8:00 AM. to 8:00 PM. SUASL may schedule games on different dates if field availability is limited. Schedule requests are logistical difficult to accommodate. SUASL’s computer generated schedules and standings have limited flexibility in scheduling a team based on specific requests. For this reason SUASL cannot guarantee or promise any specific timeslots to any team. Within these limitations, SUASL will do the best it can to accommodate team requests. No appeals or schedule changes are allowed once schedules are established.SCHEDULES/CANCELLATIONS: Most games are played on Sundays, but when necessary may be played during other days as per field availability. Teams need to be aware that a forfeit will apply if team does not show to play on a scheduled game. Only the league can make schedule changes and will do so with justification affecting field logistics. All scheduled games will be played unless, cancelled due to weather and will be noted on voice message on soccer line. If a team realizes that it will not have enough players three (3) days prior to the game it must give notification to the SUASL office at least three (3) days prior to game day. (Officials, League, and other team need to be notified.) Fees associated with cancellation of games without sufficient notice will be the responsibility of the team canceling the game.SUASL HOT LINE: Unscheduled game cancellations messages are placed on message voicemail on S.U.A.S.L. soccer line at (480) 391-3477 starting at 6:00 a.m. Sunday mornings. Please check the hot line prior to your scheduled game, right before you travel to the soccer field. The field Marshal, a league official the referee may decide whether to play a game based on weather conditions. Re: Stoppage of game due to weather or other cause by referee. Any season game that has been played 45 minutes or more will be considered a full game despite the score at the time of stoppage. Playoff games will be decided on penalty kicks only if the score is tied and after 2 ten minutes half. Stoppage of game due to team behavior: When stoppage is due to a team’s behavior and dangerous conduct the game is forfeited by the team causing the problem.Returning Voicemail Messages:  Please note that messages left on voicemail are only picked up Monday – Friday.MAKE UP GAMES: Only the league coordinator can reschedule games. Please note that rescheduling games are costly and very difficult to coordinate. Not having enough players to play a game is not an excuse for failure to play a game. It will result in a forfeit, when rescheduled by the league.FORFEITS: A game will be forfeited if a manager cannot field at least seven (7) players after the grace period (15 minutes) has expired. Any team that forfeits two (2) or more games in one season due to lack of players, may be excluded with no registration refunds, and may be required to pay a security deposit prior to registering the following season.FIELD: Do not sit on house walls at Chaparral Fields. At Chaparral Field East, please knock on door to retrieve ball if it goes over high wall. DO NOT CLIMB ON HIGH WALL. The resident doesn’t mind retrieving the ball for you.INJURIES: Please call 911 or emergency support as soon as possible on any injuries that require medical assistance. S.U.A.S.L. has NO insurance through USSF. Each player assumes all risks. LEAGUE DECISIONS: Any and all other information distributed by SUASL becomes an integral part of procedures and league standards. All other questions or rule interpretations will be decided by SUASL’s Discipline and Rules Committee, which reports to SUASL’s president and the Executive Board of Directors. In the event of a tie on any vote, the league president will have the deciding vote. The league’s administrative office shall use the referee’s report and official complaints filed to impose the minimum standard suspension based on SUASL’s Standard Suspension Schedule, herein included as Exhibit A. DISCIPLINE AND RULES: SUASL’s Codes of Conduct must be reviewed and signed by each player and team managers
to be eligible to play and lead the team. All players registering online are required to accept the registration terms including the code of conduct. The team’s conduct and behavior is a reflection of the team manager’s leadership
therefore, the team captain/manager is responsible for the conduct of the team. If a manager is found negligent in leading
the team according to the manager’s code of conduct and league’s rules, the manager will be removed from the leadership of the team, and a new manager must be assigned or elected by the team to allow the team to remain in the league. The entire team may be expelled from the league if the first measure does not work and additional problems occur under the new leadership.
Yellow Cards: Same as FIFA game rules. Two yellows constitute expulsion from the game. A player receiving a yellow card during the game may be substituted by the team manager. Red Cards: Any player issued a red card will be required to sit out the next game and will be issued a $25.00 fine. The fine must be paid in order for the player to return to the team to play. Cards are carried over from season to season if left unpaid. The D&R committee, (Discipline and Rules Committee) will meet to review the referee's report and decide on the fate of the player's status at that time. All appeals must be made the following Wednesday at 6 p.m. at: SUASL, 8989 East Via Linda, #214B, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. (Please note: when the D&R committee is finished with business they will leave.) If a player misses the opportunity of appeal, they will have to wait until the following week and will be required to pay a $50.00 fee to accommodate the administrative handling. However, most decisions are decided upon once. Appeals apply only to the suspension. No appeals are allowed for game outcome or referee decisions.Notification of Red Cards: It is the responsibility of the player(s) and team(s) to contact the SUASL at office hours, or via telephone and or e-mail to find out about fines and game(s) suspension(s) for red card(s). The fine and game suspension report will be attached to the roster the following Sunday. All fines need to be paid at the S.U.A.S.L. office on Wednesday between 5- 7 p.m. before the game weekend. Any fines not paid on time will preclude player from playing in upcoming game.Cumulative Cards: Any player with four (4) yellow cards during a season will be treated like a red card and shall receive one (1) game suspension and a $25.00 fine. The fine must be paid to the league in order for the player to return to team play. Additional yellow cards may result in probation, suspension or expulsion. Any player with two red cards in a season must pay a $50.00 fine and may be expelled from the league, cases will be reviewed on an individual basis and the D&R Committee will use own judgment based on the severity of infractions.Sidelines: All players, coaches and fans will stand or sit at least four (4) yards away from the sideline. This allows the linesman easier access down the line to do his job without interference and allows the players more room while taking throw-ins. Teams that do not comply may be penalized or the referee or league official may halt the game. Team captains/managers are responsible for sideline behavior. Under no circumstances shall any spectators enter the soccer field during the game. Players or team managers on the sidelines may only enter the field with authorization of the referee. Anyone stepping on the field without the referee’s authorization shall be suspended or expelled from the league. Under some circumstances, and for safety purposes, further action may be required for any individual whose conduct threatens others.ABUSIVE LANGUAGE/VERBAL ABUSE: A player and team may be ejected from the game, suspended for game(s) or expelled from the league due to offensive language toward players, league officials, spectators or bystanders on the field and adjacent to field area where SUASL operates. The league’s administrative office shall apply the standard suspension based on SUASL’s Standard Suspension Schedule, herein included as Exhibit A. VIOLENT CONDUCT/FIGHTING: If a player is expelled from the game for violent or uncontrollable behavior he must leave the park or the referee will halt the game until such player is removed from the sidelines and the park. If a league official, referee and field marshal determine that a player is a threat to the safety of other players on and off the field, this player will be ejected from the game, asked to leave the park, and will be suspended according to D&R Committee criteria and SUASL rules. Repeat offenses most likely will carry a long suspension and possibly the loss of privileges of playing in the SUASL program. The above rule applies for assault on league officials, which include spitting, verbal abuse & threatening to harm. The league’s administrative office shall apply the standard suspension based on SUASL’s Standard Suspension Schedule, herein included as Exhibit AINDECENT EXPOSURE: Any player found urinating; mooning, in the park or public area, or found in any similar conduct will be suspended for a number of game(s) as per SUASL rules & D&R criteria.HARD TACKLES/COLLISIONS/UNSAFE PLAY: SUASL is an amateur league, therefore, the FIFA rules applicable to serious foul play in the professional ranks are enhanced in the amateur divisions to protect the safety of players, reduce injuries and promote longevity of players in the game. The following rules have been modified and adopted:1.       Slide Tackling is allowed as long as the intent is to play the ball and while aiming at the ball player uses safety not to injure other players. Slide tackling is NOT allowed in the over 40 and 50s divisions. A direct kick shall be awarded and penalty if in the box. Slide tackling infraction is when a player tackles a player that has ball possession. The referee’s decision is final. Slide tackle on a loose ball is not an infraction.2.       Tackles from behind are not allowed and will result in a red card.3.       Tackles with cleats up toward a player are not allowed and will result in a red card.4.       Hard contact with a player shielding the ball is not allowed and subject to foul call even in advantage situations, yellow card may be shown.5.       Jumping for air balls. A player in the air taken down by a player on the ground is a serious foul play and requires immediate ejection. EXHIBIT AMinimum Standard Violations & SuspensionsThe following list documents the minimum disciplinary action resulting from the described behavior.  Other circumstances including, but not limited to, prior disciplinary record, probationary status, severity of conduct, additional witness corroboration and disciplinary precedent will be used in determining if additional disciplinary action above and beyond the minimum will be levied.  RED CARDS with one (1) game Suspension:    A player will be suspended for one (1) mandatory game when sent off for one of the following offenses.  a)       Persistent dissentb)       Persistent disruption of gamec)       Foul playd)       Denying obvious goal scoring opportunities (per FIFA Law)e)       Offensive, insulting, abusive language and inappropriate provocationsf)        Accumulated offenses resulting in accumulation of 2 yellow cards in the same game.No appeals will be heard in the above cases.   RED CARDS - with multiple game/season suspension or expulsion: 1.       Serious foul play- (foul with no intent to play the ball) = min. 2 game suspension2.       Serious foul play with injury- Minimum 4 games, possibly one season or possible expulsion, depending on the severity of the circumstances?3.       Violent Conduct – All violent conduct offenses carry an automatic minimum 2 game suspension, with additional consequences pending D&R review and process –including expulsion depending on the level of aggravation.4.       Spitting:  4 games min, possibly one season or possible expulsion, depending on the severity of the circumstances?5.      Assault with injury- Throwing objects at an individual: 1 season min. possibly multiple seasons, or possible expulsion, depending on the severity of the circumstances?6.      Assault- punching, elbowing, kicking, head butting or otherwise striking with violent intent on or off the field: 1 season min. Possibly multiple seasons or possible expulsion, depending on the severity of the circumstances?6.1.     Team assault- more than one player assault on individuals or team brawl: 3 game min., possible expulsion6.2.     Assaulting or attempting to assault an official:  Banned from the league7.       Disorderly Conduct7.1.     Offensive, insulting, abusive language and insults in any language, including, but not limited to, profanity, pejoratives based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion: 2 game min.7.2.     Refusing to leave the field: min. 2 games7.3.     Persistent offensive behavior, threats and insulting language:  minimum 2 games.7.4.     Abuse of SUASL OFFICIAL’s, including referees, staff members or board members.7.5.     Insulting toward a SUASL official: min. 2 games7.6.     Threatening a SUASL official: min 3 games7.7.     Assaulting or attempting to assault an official:  Banned from the league 1 point deduction and play-off disqualification will apply to teams with more than one Violent Conduct Incident. SUASL’s rules and code of conduct exist not only on the field of play during a match, but on all league premises before, after and during games including sideline areas, parking lots, and other park facilities.  If a breach of league rules and/or code of conduct take place outside of match play, SUASL’s incident report can be used to initiate an investigation and discipline may result. SUASL team’s and team managers are subject to disciplinary action for breach of the rules above by spectators on their sideline. Discipline and Rules Committee (D&R) D&R is a volunteer position appointed by SUASL comprised of team managers and players. D&R’s role and responsibility is to enforce SUASL’s rules. As a member of USSF (United States Soccer Federation), SUASL follows FIFA’s rules and has adopted its own league governing rules to administer the adult amateur program. Team managers participated in the creation and revisions for all SUASL’s major rules, which are reviewed when proposed changes are submitted at SUASL’s preseason team manager’s meetings.D&R ProcessSUASL administrative office reviews referees Send Off reports and applies the minimum suspension standards as described in Exhibit A -Standard Suspensions. D&R reviews send off-reports (red cards), on Wednesday evenings. To find out about player suspensions or any other disciplinary actions go to www.suasl.com front page and click on SUASL BAD BOYS.All red cards require a one game suspension automatic, mandatory 1 game suspension and a fine. No need to meet with D&R for standard red cards. There is no appeal for referee decisions on a standard red card.The D&R hearings will be held for appeals only upon written request to suaslsoccer@gmail.com. Meeting locations will vary. The D&R Committee reviews the referee’s send-off report and applies suspensions and fines according to SUASL’s and FIFA’s rules.Hearings and Appeals are scheduled for players suspended for violent conduct, or other serious offenses with multiple game suspensions or expulsion situations. Player and team manger must contact Discipline and Rules Email: suaslsoccer@gmail.com to schedule a hearing.Suspended players will be noted on the team’s roster, if team plays with a suspended player the game will be forfeited and additional suspensions, expulsions and fines may apply according to SUASL’s rules.